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HPO – The life source of a woman

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The Secretion &
Functions of
One of the two main functions of


What is hormone?
Our inner and outer body is subject to various stimulations, but no matter what changes it as to maintain the stability of the body conditions. This is called homeostasis. Homeostasis is maintained by the two functions of nervous system and inner secretions, when the body conditions change, these two functions will enable it to restore to its original conditions.
When the homeostasis of the nervous system is maintained, it is processed by the nervous network. On the other hand, the maintenance of homeostasis of the inner secretions is processed by hormone. Hormone is secreted by inner secretion glands and released to blood and lymphatic fluids, so far the known types of hormones are more than 50.


The complex process of hormone secretion
Inner secretion glands are exists in every corner of the body, secreting the various respective hormones, the body reactive network is as follows. When under the conditions of the body requiring certain hormone, it will secret the relevant reactive inner glandular secretion which affects the pituitary body from the pituitary body. Hence, the pituitary body starts to secrete hormone, resulting functions of essential hormone to the relevant organs, then secreting hormone which will be practically influential under its stimulation. The amount and secretion period of the hormone secreted by the inner secretion glands are controlled by the hormone secreted by the pituitary body.

Danger of outer source to supplement estrogen

main characteristic of outer source of estrogen is instant effect, able to visibly improve in short time, soothing various discomfort of women : enabling skin to be smooth, invigorating. But applying outer source of hormone will suppress the secretive functions of ovary, causing accelerating reduction and exhaustion of ovary functions : cervical cancer, ovarian cancer, mammary gland cancer, tumors outbreaks are all happening in the world

practical application proves that : when supplementing with outer source of hormone and estrogen-like substances ( isoflavone, placenta etc ), it is able to instantly enable radiant, soft and silky smooth skin for women in short time, improving the superficial signs and symptoms of menopause, but it suppresses the secretive functions of estrogen in ovary, resulting the acceleration of aging for women, getting more danger of inflicting with tumour.

in March, 2003, the American Medical Association announced that, after conducting a research on 211,581 women for 14 years, there is visible increase of chances of getting ovarian cancer by supplementing therapy.

in May, 2005, an international expert’s team from 28 countries after conducting a research on 27,000 women, expressed its scepticism on supplementing therapy.

in September, 2002, owing to the serious danger brought about by supplementing hormones therapy, the U.S. National Institute of Health ( NIH ) issued an urgent announcement to stop the estrogen supplementation therapy ; certain outer source hormone is classified as banned medicine, some of them have to applied under strict medical prescription.

only through natural inner secretion,
the need of inner body is properly balanced.


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