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HPO – The life source of a woman

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The life
of a

Being a woman, who would not like to have soft and smooth skin and a slim body figure? Who would not like to be charming and attractive? But over the age of 30, when wrinkles and pigmentation appear on the face, when all the elegance a woman should possess become a thing of the past, who will pity the feeling of the helplessness this woman?
Worse  still  is  the  insomnia  and  anxiety  which came
along, together with the effects of not only the dark eye rings, the deep eye bags, moreover worries, restlessness and weeping, anger with no reasons, headache, vaginal dryness and itchiness, low libido, forgetfulness………
Everyone of us has to go through the process of aging,
and it is a problem which we are very concerned with.


Women above the age of 30, they seem to be facing uncertainty and helplessness!
As  women  over  the  age  of  30, they  are  entering the stage of ovary aging. The premature aging of ovary is the basic source of a series of changes. With the improvement of the functions of ovary, it naturally solves or slower down the problems related to women’s aging process.

What is Ovary?
There are
two functions
of ovary :
One is to produce ovum and to carry out ovulation, performing its reproductive functions :
The other function is to synergize secretive hormone, such as estrogen ( female hormone ), progestin, androgen ( male hormone ) etc more than 20 over hormones and growth elements, controlling the human skeleton, immunity, reproduction, nervous network etc nine major systems which involve with over 400 points, maintaining the rejuvenation and vitality of these organs.
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