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HPO The life source of a woman

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What is
H-P-O axis?
Nervous inner secretion regulating


Hypothalamus-Pituitary body-Ovarian axis, HPOA is a complete and coordinating nervous inner secretive system, its every link has its unique nervous inner secretive functions, and it also inter-regulates, inter-affects. Its main physical functions are to control puberty, normal menstruation and sexual functions of a woman, thus it is also called sexual gland axis. Moreover, it also takes part in the regulating of metabolism of inner body environment and substance. The amount of hormone secreted by pituitary body is controlled by hypothalamus. In hypothalamus there are some cells which not only conduct excitement and also is able to secrete hormone. The functions of these hormones are to promote the synergy and secretion of hormone in pituitary body. For instance, the secretion of the hypothalamus is to promote the release of hormone in glands, they are able to improve the synergy and secretion of glandular hormone.

Pituitary body
is the
of inner
secretion glands

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