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Farewell to tranquillizer, enjoy a sweet and sound sleep
In 1967 American scientist Lapei Holme conducted an interesting experiment, he discovered a substance which promote sleep for humans and animals. Lapei Holme used goat as an experimental object, he continuously stopped the goat from sleeping, eventually he took the s-type sleeping element from its brain and injected it into dog, cat etc animals, they fell into sound sleep instantly. The s-type sleeping elements not only enabled humans and animals sleep instantly, it also prolonged the sound sleep conditions, moreover it was sensitive to body temperature, possessing strong heat-producing functions. Through the detailed analysis of the scientists, the s-type sleeping elements are composed by certain short chains of amino acids – peptide, thus sleeping elements are also called “ sleeping peptide ”.
Thereafter, the scientists also studied in ensuring the other few sleeping elements ( such as the numeration of δ-type sleeping elements is 849 ), and discovered the biological bell of controlling humans’ sleep which is at the bunch of nervous cells of hypothalamus. These nervous cells transmit message of time to the cerebrum, the cerebrum then transmit messages of sleep or awake instructions. The secret in the transmission of messages lies on certain special chemical substances. When these nervous cells secrete certain substance ( i.e. s-type sleeping elements ), people will feel dizzy and sleepy; when after certain time of sleep, these nervous cells then secrete another substance, people will wake up.
We adopt new technology in separating a 8-peptide substance, through rearrangement, its main physical function is to promote fast-wave sleep, enabling human to go into instant fast-wave sleep.
Slow-sign of sleep : also called proper sign of sleep or slow-wave sleep ( NREM ). When people fall into sleep, scientists used electroencephalogram (EEG ), nystagmus and electromyogram ( EMG ) etc precise equipment in conducting tests, they discovered that the various stages of people from awake to sleepy and entering sleep, followed by gradual deep sleep, these equipment showed various changes, the normal α-waves of the
Electroencephalogram ( EEG ) are gradually reduced as the sleep goes deeper, until finally disappeared, and also it showed every second 4~6times of slow wave and every second 0.5~3 times high trend of shuttle-like slow waves, thus it is called slow wave sleep ( or called slow-wave sign of sleep ). At this time the respiration of human is deeper, slower and balanced, heartbeat turns slower, eyes tightly-closed, if slightly open the eyelid it is able to see that the eyeballs turn upwards and stagnant. At this juncture the blood pressure is lower than awake, muscles of the whole body relaxed, but the muscles maintain certain tension. According to the changes of electroencephalogram (EEG ), we can identify the depth of sleep. Therefore according to the various depths of sleep to classify slow sign of sleep into though-sleeping, shallow-sleeping, moderate-sleeping and deep-sleeping four stages. As when not long after falling into sleep and sleep is not deep,
Still maintain certain reaction to outer environment, thus easily awaken by outer distraction, can also maintain certain reaction even not awaken by the environment. Therefore some people complain that they “ never slept the whole night ” based on this theory. It is because he is able to hear the ticking sound of the clock in this shallow sleep, and he consider that he “ never slept the whole night ” , it is the same as when we listen to reports we feel sleepy or students feel sleepy in the classroom, the person who make the report or the teacher can still be heard, but he is feeling sleepy, in actual fact he is sleeping. The two stages of moderate and deep sleep are also called ripe sleep stage. These four stages progress according to procedure. But the sleep of one person can stop at certain stage due to the change of environment. Such as sleepy as mentioned above, it stopped at stages of thought-sleep and also shallow sleep or moderate sleep, some old people’s sleep can only stop at stages of shallow sleep or moderate sleep. Normally from awake to deep sleep it needs 80-120 minutes, then entering into the second stage which is fast-sign of sleep.
Owing to the rhythm of modern life are getting faster, the physical stress sustained by people are getting bigger, the quality of sleep for recovering from tiredness, psychological relief, enhancing work efficiency are extremely important. Farewell to tranquillizer, let you have a sweet and sound sleep.

Dosage : 1-2 capsules per dosage, depending on individual conditions
Packing specification : 300mg x 2 capsules/Foil bag
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