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It has been proven from laboratory experiment
that De'max is able to control
in enhancing the content of
arginine level
in human body and increasing the cGMP
density in the blood, relaxing the lubricating structure of blood vessels, hence stretching
the capillaries and
improving the blood circulation.

After applying De'max,
blood flow
in the brachial vein
which is
visibly enhanced, this theory can be proven
when go for examination in the hospital, as the
microcirculation is visibly
improved, which enables human body cells especially
myocardial cells, brain cells and sexual organs to be supplied with
sufficient blood flow, hence increasing their functions.


Note: Arginase
one of the important amino acids which is able to produce nitric oxide in human body

note: Blood Flow in the Brachial Vein
controls vasodilation functions

Microcirculation is the blood circulation between arterioles and venules, it is the most basic layer of structure and functioning unit. It includes arteries, micro-veins, capillaries and the fluid circulation of structural channels. Every organ in human body and every structural cell are supplied with oxygen, nutrients and transmitting ability, exchange of messages form the microcirculation in order to remove carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes.
It is an human body structure of cells of exchange centre for absorbing nutrition, oxygen, removing metabolic wastes. Human body not solely depends on the contracting power of the heart in directly supplying blood to various organs' structural cells, it has to depend on the
microcirculatory capillaries and coordinating with the self-disciplined exercise in the second regulating of and blood, and second filling, thus microcirculation is considered "the second heart" of human body in medical science.
Microcirculation is the extreme end of circulatory system, thus it belongs to circulatory system; but it is also an important structural portion of internal organs, it is the most basic characteristic of it. Microcirculation is different from the general characteristics, it has "double importance", it is sexual, form, function, metabolic, regulating, it has both circulatory and functional characteristics.
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Microcirculation is one of the basic phenomenon of life, and is the mechanism of the body continuously performing physical, energy, messages transmission activity. Single cell creature is able to perform this transmission activity through cytomembrane, but high-mentality mammals and the structures of human organs' cells are unable to directly interact with outer environment, hence only through structural fluids and blood, lymphatic fluids in performing physical, energy, messages transmission. Microcirculation is directly involved with the flow of blood, lymphatic fluids and structural fluids in which carry out activities of structures, cells, energy, messages transmission.
The two main functions of
Centre for physical exchanges
Blood brings about oxygen, nutrients, hormones and water etc to the structures, taking away with carbon dioxide and metabolic wastes. Microcirculation is the only place for these exchanges.
Regulating blood and blood content
The number of blood vessels in microcirculation is large in quantity and content, it is a giant blood storage. By changing the blood content of this storage, is able to regulate the whole body circulatory blood content and veins in reverting to the heart. Once due to certain reasons which causes large outflow of blood content in microcirculation, then there is large amount of blood congested in the microcirculation, resulting the reduction of blood content and blood reverting to the heart, if leaving unchecked, it will cause serious effects.
When there is a disorder of
icrocirculation, the relevant structural system or internal organs are affected and unable to function properly, it easily causes aging, disorder of immunity functions and diseases. When reaching middle-aged, people's body mechanisms are slowly declined, the adhesion of blood increases, speed of blood transmission gets slower, blood in the capillaries will be sludged, congested, resulting it unable to properly metabolizes. In the case of cells unable to be supplied with sufficient nutrients, and unable to excrete properly, it affects the proper human physical functions. At this time, people will easily fall sicked, especially during asleep conditions, the blood speed gets slower, it is one of the reasons why certain patients with heart, brain and blood problems succumbed to deaths. By improving microcirculation by maintaining its smooth flow it especially during asleep conditions is most essential in protecting body health.
Dosage of 1-2 capsule
( depending on individual ), apply 2 times every week, apply with empty stomach for better effects.
( Empty stomach means 2 hours pre-meal or post-meal )
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