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Spray away the body odour that irritates you
Bromhidrosis or body odour (axilla) is kind of illness where stinking ordour emanates from the armpit, and it turns out to be worse in summer. The illness usually starts in puberty, and relents or vanishes when getting aged. To the patient, bromhidrosis entails great psychological distress and sense of inferiority, it can even affect works and studies.
Apocrine glands of human are scattered at armpit, alar of nose, external auditory meatus, groin, perineum, etc. Apocrine starts to activate when affected by internal secretion during puberty, thus causing bromhidrosis which relents or vanishes when getting aged. Apart from water, fat, iron, fluorescent substance and coloured substance, there is a special foul-smell substance contained in the apocrine’s secretion. Foul smell from bromhidrosis is caused by reaction between secretion from apocrine and bacteria at the above-mentioned body parts, producing unsaturated fatty acid after it has decomposed. If medicine is used to kill the bacteria, the unsaturated fatty acid produced will be inadequate in quantity, therefore unable to result in foul smell.
Bromhidrosis is hereditary, and is related to gender and race. Generally, probability of bromhidrosis is higher among female than male, higher among the white people and black people than yellow people, this is related to physiological structure and function of apocrine.
<Product’s efficacy>
Capable of disinfection, alleviate or stop sweating. Cure and relieve body odour (axilla).
The effect can be seeing within 10 minutes after spray.

<Application method and quantity>

Spray at affected parts of the armpit after bath (press the sprinkler head 2 to 3 times at each armpit, after spraying rub the armpit by gently moving your arm to ensure well distribution of the medicine). Patients with grave condition should apply this product two days in a row in the first application, apply once a day and the odour would vanish completely, and this could remain for two weeks or more (vary with each individual). Patients with moderate condition would be able to get rid of the odour after applying once, and this could remain for three weeks to one month (vary with each individual). Patients with mild condition could have the odour vanished for one to two months or longer (vary with each individual) after applying once. Apply again when the body odour emanates again.
This product consists of plant extracts from Cherokee Rose Fruit (Rosa laevigata Michx), European Verbena (Verbena officinalis L.), Purpleflower Violet (Herba Violae), etc. The product is odourless as it does not use fragrance to cover up the body odour.
1. This product is only meant for external application, do not use orally.
2. Do not apply at wound.
3. Avoid contact with eye and other mucous membranes (such as mouth, nose, etc.)
4. Those with experience of allergy shall use this product with caution, if application causes allergy (such as the body part turns read or becomes itchy after applying this product), stop using this product immediately and apply anti-allergy ointment at the allergic part; occurrence of allergy is about 3%.
5. Do not use if the product’s properties alter (such as turning turbid or when there is sediment)
6. Keep the product away from children.
7. Application of this product by children must be under guidance of adult.
8. Keep the product in cool place and away from sunlight.
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