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Just spray a little, foot smell is gone
[ Disease Synopsis ]
Beriberi is a common name for athlete’s foot disease, it is a usual skin disease caused by fungus infection. There are 70-80% of adults having beriberi; the difference is mild or serious. It usually turns serious in summer, reduces in winter; some people are affected throughout the whole year.
If athlete’s foot is not cured at once, it infects other areas, such as hand fungus and onychomycosis etc., sometimes it causes wounds by scratching, resulting germs infection, and it also causes serious complications.
Bad smell of the foot is resulted from foot’s sweat; the sweat fluid produces bad smell due to the germs reaction. Foot’s sweat is related to inheritance, tension, excitement, fear, anxiety, anger etc. factors.
The amount of sweat secreted depends on individual, the mild one only have more moisture, whereas the serious ones are spilling out of the body. Cold feet and hands, thicker horny layer turns white from erosion of sweat, the dissolving of sweat and dead old cells which decomposed to produce extraordinary bad smell. The fluctuation of mood, foot’s sweat increases make the bad smell denser. If use medicine to kill germs and to stop the secretion of sweat in certain areas, it will soothe and eliminate the signs and symptoms of sweating.

[ Product Function ]
Treatment and improvement on various causes from bad smell of foot, foot sweat are possessing bacteria-killing, reducing and curbing effects.
Just spray once, effects are seen within 10 minutes.
Non-soluble, non-alcoholic, safe, non-toxic.

[ Direction & Dosage ]
Wash and clean both feet, wipe them dry, spray the product evenly on the sole and between toes, wait until it is dry before touching on ground, at the same time spray the inside of the shoes for better effects. For serious bad smell of foot ( rotten smell ), when in the first application, after the first spray, on the second day to spray again, the bad smell of foot will be completely vanished, and it will maintain for a period of more than three weeks ( depends on individual ), for moderate and mild ones, just spray once and it will maintain both feet fresh and comfortable for one to three months, without obvious bad smell and itchiness of foot, when it happens again apply the spraying again. ( For moderate and mild ones after spraying and dry up in natural wind, bad smell immediately vanished. )
[ Main Ingredients ]
Mongolian Dandelion Herb : Herba Taraxaci in Latin, European Verbena ( Verbena officinalis L. ) Purpleflower Violet ( Herba Viole ) etc plants extracts. Basically it has no smell, this product does not rely on fragrance to hide bad smell.
[ Things To Note ]
1. This product is for external use only, not for oral intake.
2. Do not apply on skin wounds.
3. Try not to contact eye area and other mucous membrane ( i.e. mouth, nose )
4. Allergic users must note, if allergies occur after application ( i.e. itchy skin, redness after contact with the product ), please stop using, and use anti-allergic cream apply on allergic area, about 3% of occurrence;
5. If the texture of the product changes ( cloudy, residue ), stop using.
6. Please keep this product out of reach of children.
7. Children user must be under the supervision of adult.
8. Store at cool place, away from sunlight.
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