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About Us

Nova Acres Sdn. Bhd. is a worldwide marketing company for a wide range of health supplements and related products. In the year of 2000, we have formed a strategic alliance with a young yet reputable drug, herbal and health related products research and development company. We envisaged that this alliance would eventually bring a brighter and more promising future to the company through the perseverance and dedication of both teams.

Through many valuable years of experience in the marketing, our major task is to identity the types of health supplement that the market requires in today's world. The R&D company then translates this market information become an objective for the R&D team to roll out products that meet the criteria.

Since then, we have successfully produced a number of health and herbal supplements that, we firmly believed, would take the world market by storm. we are very confident in saying so simple because the products that we shall introduce to the market always comply with 2 basic criteria, that is: -

All ingredients are extracted from the natural resources. Finished product must comply with all standards and test determined by relevant authority, such as Japan, Taiwan, Middle East, Malaysia and etc.
The product shall produce the desired or targeted effects within the shortest duration after consumption.

Undoubtedly, our efforts and spirit of working hand-in hand shall produce a lot more products that the general market would love to learn about it.
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